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Using OneDrive in place of UAB Dropbox
Article: KB0011301 Published: 2017-05-18 Last modified: 2017-05-18



Using One Drive in place of UAB Dropbox



If you are not familiar with using Microsoft OneDrive, refer to the tutorials.


1. Log in to OneDrive at using SSO, and click the OneDrive Icon.






2. Navigate to the file you wish to share in your folders. If the file is not in your OneDrive folder, drag and drop it onto the OneDrive window in your browser.





3. Select the file to share by clicking in the left column.





4. Click “Share” in the top ribbon.





5. If the file is to be shared with someone outside UAB, click “Only people in UAB – The University of Alabama at Birmingham with this link can edit this item."




6. In the “Who can access this link” dropdown, select “Only people in the To: line” and click “OK”


7. Type the email address of the desired recipient, and a message if desired, then click “Share”



The recipient will receive an email like the one below:




When the recipient clicks the link in the email, “File to share.docx” in this case, they will be prompted to login to office 365.


If they do not have an Office 365 account, they will need to create one by following the on screen instructions.


Once logged in, they will see and be able to download the file you shared with them.














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